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Resveratrol Benefits: Learn About Resveratrol for Anti Aging and Weight Loss

If you've heard about resveratrol benefits but are wary of drinking a large quantity of red wine - or of eating tons of grapes - there is an alternative way of receiving this antioxidant without drinking a drop. Many people have begun enjoying the benefits of resveratrol by taking it in alternate forms like supplements, pills, drinks – even powder! There are many vitamins and supplements on today's market, and there are some incredible claims about the benefit of resveratrol that are sure to invite skepticism. However, what is clear is that many people do seem to swear by resveratrol - and plenty of studies seem to support its claims.

Research on resveratrol benefits

A lot of research has been conducted regarding resveratrol benefits. Much of this research has shown varying degrees of proof regarding popular claims about the antioxidant. Resveratrol benefits ranging from weight loss to anti-aging characteristics to cancer fighting abilities have been studied at great length by researchers anxious to prove or disprove claims regarding resveratrol. What is certain is that resveratrol does contain antibiotic capabilities; what's still uncertain is just how effective it is in human beings.

Anti-aging and resveratrol benefits

Antioxidants are compounds that lend fruits and vegetables their bright colors; in humans, some believe resveratrol benefits extend to include anti-aging qualities. However, eating fresh fruits and vegetables is undoubtedly excellent for one's health; one has to wonder whether resveratrol benefits like anti-aging characteristics are due to the antioxidant itself, or to people who are generally more health conscious. Either way, taking a resveratrol pill is probably a good way to enhance a healthy diet in general.

Weight loss with resveratrol

One of the resveratrol benefits extolled by its promoters is its ability to activate the SiRT1 gene in people. This gene is the same one that “comes to life” when a person begins restricting calories; it works to break down stored fat in the body. Therefore, when combined with a weight loss regimen, resveratrol benefits dieters by further enhancing the effects on the SiRT1 gene, kicking it into overdrive and potentially helping people achieve their weight loss goals.

Cancer and resveratrol

Resveratrol benefits are not reserved only to the body image end of the health spectrum; thanks to its antioxidant properties, resveratrol is believed to have effective cancer fighting characteristics.

Studies performed on laboratory animals have shown that resveratrol benefits the fight against cancer by inhibiting the growth of existing tumors - and preventing the growth of new ones. Clinical trials are still being conducted regarding resveratrol benefits regarding cancer, but in the meantime resveratrol does hold much promise.

Longevity gene and the benefits of resveratrol

Another of the many resveratrol benefits being investigated is its effect on the longevity gene. This gene, called SiRT1, is known primarily for its fat fighting abilities. However, it has been suggested that a calorie restricted diet - and the activation of this gene - promotes longevity in humans. People looking to extend their life spans, then, are certain to be intrigued by resveratrol benefits like these; considering its other purported benefits, it can be an effective dietary supplement.

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Resveratrol benefits for your health

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