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Resveratrol Research Points to Cancer-Fighting Properties

Resveratrol - an antioxidant primarily found in grapes and red wines - has been creating a lot of buzz around the health care industry for some time, thanks largely to its purported benefits in regards to certain types of cancer and leukemia. Doctors, dietitians and other researchers continue to study the benefits of resveratrol in terms of the fight against leukemia and other types of cancer. As more and more people seek ways to ward off or reduce the effects of cancer, resveratrol offers yet another potential weapon in the fight against that disease, as well as leukemia.

Resveratrol cancer research findings

Human studies of the cancer fighting effects of resveratrol have yet to be done, but a great deal of research about the antioxidant has already been conducted on laboratory animals. The results of the research into resveratrol on leukemia, for instance, seems to show that it inhibits the cell proliferation often largely responsible for the disease.

Studies on laboratory animals regarding the effects of resveratrol on cancerous growths have yielded similar findings: the antioxidant seems to prevent the growth of certain cancerous tumors. However, some research negates resveratrol's effects on existing cancerous growths. Cancer research concerning resveratrol continues to this day.

Antioxidants in resveratrol

Resveratrol is an antioxidant produced by plants; it works as an antibiotic, helping these plants ward off infections and fight existing ones. Recent studies show that antioxidants of all kinds can be very beneficial in the fight against cancer and leukemia. As such, resveratrol is being more closely examined by researchers looking to increase their understanding of diseases like leukemia and cancer. People who want to add additional forms of antioxidants to their diet often choose resveratrol for its many purported cancer fighting and leukemia shielding benefits.

Can resveratrol cure leukemia?

Recent studies have indicated that the resveratrol most commonly found in red wine can work to reduce the clonal growth of leukemia and its cells. Therefore, it seems to be able to fight off this form of cancer, stopping its spread and general growth. More research is being conducted regarding this phenomenon; until now, most studies regarding leukemia, cancer and resveratrol have been limited to laboratory animals.

Going forward, researchers are optimistic in the many health benefits regarding this antioxidant, as well as its potential for curing leukemia. In the meantime, resveratrol has many other key health benefits which more people are discovering every day.

Resveratrol life extension

Can resveratrol extend the life spans and increase the longevity of human beings? Researchers studying its effects on cancer, leukemia and other life threatening illnesses are beginning to suspect that this may well be the case. People who suffer from cancer or leukemia - or who run a high risk of contracting such diseases - are well advised to introduce resveratrol into their diet in order to potentially expand their life spans and increase their overall quality of life. When the weight loss and other anti-aging qualities of this antioxidant are considered, it makes sense that it may extend life spans as well.

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