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Resveratrol Dosage Information

The antioxidant resveratrol - most popularly known for its abundance in red wine - can be added to a person's diet to help them achieve many of its key health benefits. However, many people are confused regarding resveratrol dosage. How much of this supplement is effective? Are there minimum resveratrol doses that are recommended?

Fortunately, people do not need to drink bottle upon bottle of red wine to achieve the right resveratrol dosage. Instead, most dietary supplements contain resveratrol doses that are thought to be perfect for promoting the healthful benefits of the antioxidant. Indeed, most supplements containing resveratrol contain a standard amount of 20 milligrams. 20 milligrams is generally agreed to be the daily resveratrol dosage that is proper for most people.

Resveratrol dosage in pills and cream

Resveratrol doses come in fairly uniform amounts in different types of supplementary pills. For its anti-aging benefits, resveratrol dosage in cream form has been shown to help certain people tremendously. However, in some cases the necessary resveratrol doses for one person might be entirely different from those of another.

The best way to proceed is by taking a standard resveratrol dosage of about 20 milligrams in any supplement, pill or cream that is initially tried out. This way, people can figure out their lowest effective resveratrol dosage and can aim to add that same amount into their daily diet. This is a largely personal decision, however, and some people may find that increased resveratrol doses work better for them.

How much resveratrol is effective?

Although many types of resveratrol supplements boast mega doses of the antioxidant, studies seem to indicate that about 20 milligrams is a good daily starting point for many people. Resveratrol dosage should be attempted at the lowest amount possible, and then increased incrementally until the desired results occur. Effective resveratrol doses may vary considerably from person to person, making a bit of experimentation necessary. If a person finds that a 20 milligram resveratrol dosage works for them, they can maintain that same level indefinitely. On the other hand, higher resveratrol doses may seem necessary for other people - in such cases, the higher dose dietary supplements may be a good course of action.

Side effects of too much resveratrol

People need to be aware that needlessly taking large resveratrol doses might cause side effects that are not very pleasant. Researchers giving a different resveratrol dosage to various laboratory animals have noted side effects that include anemia, anxiety, overly thin blood and diarrhea. Therefore, a person may need to reduce their resveratrol dosage should any of these side effects occur.

The best strategy when it comes to resveratrol doses is to begin with the minimum recommended amount - typically 20 milligrams per day. People can then increase their resveratrol dosage as necessary to achieve the results that they want. Should any of these side effects begin occurring, however, people should reduce the amount they are taking immediately. Otherwise, healthful benefits of resveratrol may be negated.

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