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Grape Seed Extract And Resveratrol

As a dietary supplement, grape seed extract is a very popular choice. In addition to containing excellent levels of resveratrol, grape seed extract boasts flavonoids and other beneficial ingredients which help improve platelet function and provides a host of other benefits. Grape juice and grape skin are additional, excellent sources of these key ingredients, as well as resveratrol. Many dietary supplements with resveratrol also include the excellent side effects provided by grape seed, grape juice and grape skin. People looking to include more resveratrol in their diets will be glad to know that there are plenty of options available.

Grape seed extract

It is not very surprising that grape seed extract has been included in many resveratrol supplements. After all, resveratrol is quite abundant in grape seed extract and in grape juice and grape skin. Different sorts of supplements provide different blends of these ingredients in order to provide people with the best possible benefits of resveratrol. Consuming grape juice, grape skin and grape seed extract in general is a good way of adding more resveratrol to one's diet. However, the extract is much more potent, and in supplements it works much more effectively than in most other forms.

Grape skin extract

Because grape skin contains such high levels of resveratrol, grape skin extract is another very common ingredient in dietary supplements. When combined with a diet containing grape seed extract and grape juice, grape skin extract can really boost and enhance the benefits of resveratrol. When selecting a resveratrol supplement, many people will notice the mention of grape skin extract, grape juice and grape seed extract on the label. They are quite commonly used because they have been proven to enhance the benefits of resveratrol in the people who take them regularly.

Is there resveratrol in grape juice?

People looking to eschew red wine but wanting to enjoy the benefits of resveratrol are often naturally curious about whether the same results can be achieved by drinking grape juice. Since resveratrol is found primarily in grape seed and grape skin, it is quite likely that drinking grape juice provides the general same benefits as drinking red wine. However, there is less research regarding drinking grape juice, or the consumption of grape seed extract or grape skin extract. However, any resveratrol present in grape juice is certain to provide many of the key benefits that it does in other forms.

Other sources of resveratrol

The phenomenon known as “The French Paradox” revolves around the fact that the French drink much higher quantities of red wine than many other nations, and seem to have healthier hearts. This is thought to be due to the resveratrol found in red wine. Therefore, red wine is a very popular source of resveratrol.

In dietary supplements, Japanese knotweed is often used for its high concentrations of resveratrol. Otherwise, grape seed extract, grape skin extract and grape juice are other known sources of resveratrol, and all may be used in different types of dietary supplements. Read our resveratrol supplement reviews to find out which resveratrol product was ranked highest among users.

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