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Anti Aging Benefits of the Red Wine Pill

The antioxidant resveratrol - which is most commonly found in grapes and in red wines - is becoming more and more in demand by discerning people who wish to take advantage of its many purported benefits. At the same time, though, many people find the idea of having to drink red wine on a regular basis unappealing for various reasons. Luckily for such people, a red wine pill is now available. It provides the many health benefits of resveratrol while eliminating the need to consume an alcoholic beverage. Red wine pills are growing in popularity by leaps and bounds.

Benefits of red wine

For a very vivid example of the benefits of red wine, one needs only to look at the culture in many European countries. In places like France, red wine consumption is much higher than in many other parts of the world. Despite diets that are quite high in fat, their citizenry suffer from far less instances of heart disease. The secret lies in the resveratrol found in red wine. Now, people can enjoy the same benefits as the French, in a simple red wine pill. Red wine pills allow people to take advantage of resveratrol's benefits without uncorking a single bottle.

Red wine extract

Some people are unwilling to make red wine a part of their regular diet; they have many different reasons. Regardless of reason, these people can still enjoy the benefits of the resveratrol found in red wine by using supplements containing red wine extract. Red wine pills are the most popular means of doing this; they contain this convenient extract, and one pill is usually equivalent to two bottles of red wine. Red wine pills allow people to easily achieve their daily recommended allowance of resveratrol; they can easily be made a part of a total dietary supplement regimen.

Resveratrol content in red wine

How much resveratrol is contained in a single glass of red wine? The answer to that question varies a great deal, depending on factors like where the grapes were grown, when they were harvested and other variables. Red wine pills, on the other hand, have the advantage of containing a consistent level of resveratrol. People who wish to avoid some of the downsides of consuming alcohol often opt to take the red wine pill instead. Most red wine pills contain about 20mg of resveratrol - a regular, healthy dose.

Why take a red wine pill?

The best and primary reason for taking a red wine pill is to enjoy all of the health benefits of resveratrol without the excess alcohol consumption. In some ways, alcohol and other ingredients in red wine negate some of the healthy benefits of resveratrol. By taking a red wine pill, for instance, one can avoid some of the carcinogenic properties found in alcohol. Also, red wine pills allow a person to eschew all of the extra, empty calories and sugars that are found in a single glass of red wine and that can negate many of resveratrol's benefits. Our red wine pill product reviews has information on which red wine supplement was ranked highest.

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