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Side Effects of Resveratrol

For the many people who have discovered the excellent health benefits of the antioxidant resveratrol, it is reassuring to know that negative side effects are generally quite rare. Whether it is taken naturally by drinking a glass or two of red wine, or whether it is taken in supplement form as a red wine pill, resveratrol's side effects are few and far between. The most common concern regarding resveratrol side effects is that it has estrogen related properties; as such, if it is taken by women with estrogen sensitivities, it might pose mild health risks. Therefore, such women should consult with their doctor before use. Other side effects of resveratrol involve its blood thinning properties; people taking blood thinning medications should check with their physician before taking this supplement.

Resveratrol side effects research

In addition to much of the exciting research that is continually going on regarding the many health benefits of resveratrol, scientists have conducted a lot of research regarding its potential side effects and risks as well. The blood thinning and estrogen related properties of resveratrol have been the primary side effects focused on in medical research regarding this antioxidant. They are, in fact, the only solidly shown side effects that might pose any kind of health risk for people taking resveratrol. Otherwise, individual people report various side effects which might not be specifically caused by resveratrol at all, and further studies are needed.

Adverse reaction to alcohol

People who opt to add resveratrol to their diet or health regimen by drinking red wine occasionally experience adverse reactions to the alcohol rather than the resveratrol. Side effects that may occur when a person has an adverse reaction to alcohol include headache, nausea, rashes, nasal congestion or abdominal pain. If you drink red wine in order to get more resveratrol in your diet, be aware that side effects like the ones just listed are more likely due to intolerance to alcohol than a direct consequence of the antioxidant itself. People who have an overall intolerance to alcohol can avoid its side effects by taking a red wine pill or other resveratrol supplement. This way, they can enjoy the benefits of resveratrol without suffering the negative side effects of alcohol consumption.

Other potential resveratrol side effects

Like most other diet supplements, women who are nursing or pregnant should consult with their doctors before taking resveratrol, as it could present a possible risk. In those cases, additional side effects might present themselves, and it is vital to check with a qualified physician first. Additionally, those who take prescription medications of any kind need to consult with their doctors before adding resveratrol to their health regimen. Otherwise, adverse side effects from combining resveratrol with medication may occur. Common sense will allow most people to avoid suffering from any truly unpleasant side effects when taking resveratrol. By monitoring how you feel after taking the antioxidant, you can easily rule out side effects - or do further research if any do occur. Check out our reviews to see which resveratrol supplement users liked the best.

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