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Lose Weight with Resveratrol

In recent years, a great deal of research has been undertaken regarding the weight loss benefits of the antioxidant known as resveratrol. Resveratrol is a natural antibiotic that is primarily found in grapes and the wines that are made from them. In addition to many other key health benefits, it is believed that resveratrol promotes weight loss by triggering the SiRT1 gene that is responsible for reducing fat stores in calorie restricted diets. Research into resveratrol's weight loss benefits also indicates the possibility that this antioxidant may trigger certain receptors in the upper intestines, giving people the feeling of being full.

Health benefits of resveratrol

Resveratrol is not prized only for its weight loss properties; this powerful antioxidant also offers many important health benefits. Some people take resveratrol for its anti-aging properties; it is believed to promote healthier skin and may reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Others turn to resveratrol for its ability to ward off cancer, or to slow the growth of cancerous tumors. Many people believe that resveratrol, when taken for weight loss means, may also promote longevity and increase the quality and quantity of a person's life.

Resveratrol and weight loss

It is believed that resveratrol promotes weight loss in at least two different, very important ways. First of all, resveratrol is thought to stimulate the SiRT1 gene in the human body. This is the same gene that kicks into gear when a person engages in a calorie restricted diet; as the body realizes that calories are being reduced, the SiRT1 gene begins working away at the body's fat stores for extra energy. The ensuing weight loss is usually all the more dramatic. With resveratrol, the need to severely cut calories from one's diet is lessened by a significant degree; healthy weight loss is promoted by the work of this antioxidant.

The other major way that resveratrol is believed to promote weight loss is due to its basic function as an antioxidant. Many researchers believe that antioxidants like resveratrol trigger special sensors in a person's upper intestine. When triggered, these sensors give a person the sensation of being full - which often causes them to eat less, resulting in additional weight loss benefits.

Resveratrol weight loss supplements

Since red wine is the most well known source of resveratrol, it is understandable why so many dieters become confused regarding its weight loss benefits. After all, in order to achieve the maximum possible effects of this antioxidant, it would seem like one would need to drink large quantities of wine. Anyone with a basic understanding of wines knows that, in large quantities, it can have a negative impact on a weight loss regimen.

Fortunately, then, resveratrol is now available in pill form as a dietary supplement. Indeed, many types of resveratrol weight loss supplements are readily available today. These products allow people to enjoy all of the benefits of resveratrol, without the empty calories and often high sugar content of drinking too much red wine. It is a win-win situation for dieters, and can enhance an existing weight loss program. Browse the resveratrol product chart to see which resveratrol product was highest ranked.

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