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Resveratrol in Wines and Food

Since the health benefits of resveratrol are becoming more well known than ever before, more and more people are curious about how they can get more of this antioxidant into their diet. Red wines are excellent sources; in small, regular doses, wines can provide people with excellent amounts of beneficial resveratrol. Food - including berries such as grapes - is another place to find resveratrol. Another food that contains resveratrol is peanuts, although generally not in quantities that produce many beneficial results.

Natural sources of resveratrol

Resveratrol occurs naturally in food like grapes and other berries. Wines are another very good, natural source of this powerful antioxidant. People who do not enjoy wine - or who eschew it for various reasons - can enjoy the benefits of resveratrol by drinking grape juice. Otherwise, food sources are limited to peanuts and certain berries. Since most people do not consume large quantities of foods like grapes, wines are the preferred method of adding resveratrol to one's diet.

Resveratrol in grape juice

People who do not eat a lot of food containing berries - and who generally do not drink red wines - might opt to include a glass or two of natural grape juice in their diet. Doing so can help people receive a good amount of resveratrol on a regular basis. Grape juice is a great alternative to red wines for benefiting from resveratrol; food sources are limited and not very reliable.

Wine and resveratrol benefits

Europeans have been reaping the benefits of resveratrol through the wines that they drink for centuries. Despite diets which include a large variety of high fat food, many French, Italian and other European people have surprisingly healthy hearts. It is believed that the resveratrol that is so abundant in red wines contributes to this phenomenon. Americans - who consume a lot of fatty food - might also benefit from including more wine in their daily lives.

How much resveratrol is in raisins?

Raisins - a food made from drying up grapes - contains a healthy dose of resveratrol. Therefore, they are an excellent food to snack on throughout the day. In lieu of drinking a lot of different wines, many people choose to munch on raisins to enhance the chances of benefiting from the resveratrol contained in them. Not only are raisins quite tasty, but they also provide added health benefits associated with resveratrol.

Other foods with resveratrol

Generally, more resveratrol is found in wines and grapes than in any other type of food. Although it is found in peanuts, it is in much lower quantities and this type of food is not considered a very good way of adding a beneficial level of resveratrol into one's diet. People are encouraged, then, to stick to food like raisins and to try to drink a reasonable amount of red wines and grape juices. Japanese knotweed is another excellent food source of this powerful antioxidant, and can help boot overall health as well.

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